Christmas again

Refrain: Let us give to each other the best that we have                                                                              

Let us follow the Father who gave His Son
Let us give to each other the best that we have
Peace on earth, good will to all men
Let’s turn this holiday into Christmas again.

Let Christmas be something different this year
than a day of jingle bells and good cheer of
Santa and reindeer and a miniature sleigh
remember that Christ was born on this day, was born on this day…


What the World needs now is deliverance and peace,
is love and compassion and joy and release
we give ourselves credit and it’s good that we try
we’ll never find love in the things that we buy, the things that we buy…                                                                              


No greater love has a man than he,
who offers his life and gives it for free

Who offers his richness to those who have none

Making a sacrifice to make the world one, to make the world one….





Henk Ruiter